We believe relationships happen best in circles, not rows. Sharing life's ups and downs with one another in real community is church. That is why we are ruthless about getting people connected in smaller groups. At Immanuel, you will find three main opportunities to get plugged in: groups, classes, and events.

Maybe you are single right now and are looking to connect with friends that understand why showing up to things alone is difficult. We have a group for you. Or maybe you are a new mom, covered in baby fluids, wondering when was the last time you brushed your teeth. We have a group for you. Maybe you are just exploring what faith, and Jesus, and all this church stuff is all about. We have a group for you. Or perhaps you have been coming for awhile and want to get better connected with people in your area that also attend Immanuel. We have a group for you. Or you have the title of grandma or great grandpa, and you sense that God isn't finished with you yet. You got it, we have a group for you.

We could go on and on, but instead, why don't you explore our groups page and check it out!

study groups

Our mission is to help people know Jesus and grow to be more like Him, and part of the growing part includes being a student of his Word. And the best part about being an adult student is studying something you actually want to learn about! We offer a number of classes each semester for you to choose from depending on your interests. Class times and lengths vary. Please check our study groups page each semester for a new class schedule.

One thing you find out about people who attend Immanuel is we like to have fun! Whether it is scheduled or not, you will find us out in the community serving, in our neighborhoods building relationships, or hosting crazy events in our building. We love laughing and spending time with people. In fact, we believe Jesus probably did a lot of laughing with people too. There are a number of events each month worthy of your time, so bookmark our events page and put some of these dates on your calendar.  See you soon!

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