We weren’t made to go through life alone. Whether we are celebrating the joys of life or experiencing heartbreak, it’s important that we journey with others by our side. We weren’t meant to merely get through life, but to become more like Jesus as we experience it...together. 

We believe that two are better than one. That circles are better than rows. That life’s better connected.

Why? Because when people connect relationally as they grow spiritually, that is when life transformation

happens best! That’s why we want to help you get connected with a group that’s right for you.


Immanuel offers the following five types of groups to help you

know Jesus and grow to be like Him in the context of community.

social groups

engage socially

These group environments focus primarily on getting people engaged socially. They’re an easy place to meet people with similar interests and build friendships, because participants spend time doing an activity together that speaks to their common interest. These groups are easy to start, easy to join and are always open. They can center on anything from being a mom like MOPS/MOMSNext to fishing to playing basketball.

If you are interested in starting a new social group with Immanuel email Bryan at

To see a list of our Social Groups, click HERE.

Discovery groups

explore intentionally

These group environments are where individuals can explore the Christian faith intentionally. Participants walk through a series of modules designed to help them gain a basic knowledge of Jesus and the Bible so they can practice their faith on a firm foundation. 

Discovery groups begin with STARTING POINT, an eight-week discussion on the Christian faith.

To see a list of our Discovery Groups, click HERE.


deepen intellectually

These group environments focus on individuals going deeper intellectually. Usually a specific topic or book of the Bible is what brings these groups together. There are certainly social and communal aspects to these groups, but they have a much more structured feel. They will often include required reading and study outside the meeting times.

To see a list of our Study Groups, click HERE.

life groups

live authentically

These group environments are all about doing life together. There is a level of authenticity that moves friendship toward becoming a family. While these groups will always have a social nature, they focus more on discussion to encourage sharing the challenges and questions that life brings. They aim to give people deep community as they do their best to live like Jesus with their families, at work and in their neighborhoods. These groups usually take place in homes and are normally closed once they’re formed.

To learn more about our Life Groups, click HERE.

Recovery GROUPS

heal holistically

These group environments focus on individuals healing holistically. Whether it’s recovering from chemical dependency, walking through mental health challenges or overcoming the hurts, habits, and hangups in our lives, recovery groups help people pursue holistic healing by embracing Jesus as their higher power. Weekly meetings, with both large and small group components, are essential elements to these groups. Recovery groups are always open.

To learn more about our Recovery Groups, click HERE.