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Thursday, August 30, 2018



  • If you have a child birth through Kindergarten you are a MOPS mom.
  • If you have a child in 1st - 12th grade you are a MOMSnext mom.
  • Are you one or both of the above? Great! We’ve got choices for you . . .


Our MOPS/MOMSnext combined groups are for anyone with children birth through 12th grade. The combined groups will meet twice a month on Thursday mornings, 9-11 AM, to enjoy breakfast and conversation with other moms while their children attend kids' programming. An optional third week of “Coffee and Conversation” is available at no extra charge! 

Follow these two steps to register:

Step 1: Register for Immanuel Church's MOPS/MOMSnext HERE.

Step 2: Pay MOPS/MOMSnext international subscription HERE(CODE: IYCD)

Have questions? Contact Amy Knee or Alanna Colburn.

OPTION B: MOMSnext Group

Our MOMSnext Group is for mothers with at least one child in 1st grade or higher.  Parenting school-aged children brings its own set of unique challenges and opportunities and we want to be a community of mothers that journey with you through this stage of parenting. We meet twice a month (on opposite weeks from the MOPS/MOMSnext Table group) on Thursday mornings, 9-11 AM, to enjoy speaker content, discussion and connection with other moms with school-aged kids. Child care is available for those who need it.

Follow these two steps to register:

Step 1: Register for Immanuel Church's MOMSnext HERE.

Step 2: Pay MOMSnext international subscription HERE. (CODE: G9FZ)

Have questions? Contact Angie Hill or Dani Halverson.


Do BOTH of the groups! That’s right, you can join both groups if you’d like as they will discuss different topics and meet on different weeks throughout the year.  

Follow these steps to register:

Step 1: Register HERE for MOPS/MOMSnext.

Step 2: Register HERE for MOMSnext.

Step 3: Pay MOPS/MOMSnext international fee HERE(CODE: IYCD) Only one fee for both.