Life change. It's why we do what we do.


Finding a church isn't easy, especially when your child has special needs. Watch the Bockwoldts' story as they share about their experience coming to Immanuel and how we as a church are trying to change that one family at a time.

Meet Joan.

Ever feel like your life gets interrupted and that interruption changes everything? Joan shares about her personal ministry in a video from our SuperAwesomeCatalyticExpiditedGrowth series.

Meet Micah and Kathrina.

What if what you wanted looks different than what God wanted? Micah and Kathrina share their journey to parenthood.

Meet Danny.

Ever think you have everything figured out? Danny shared how that thinking unraveled and brought him to a place where he was rescued. 


The world can be a dark and scary place. Listen to Katie's amazing story as she shares about where she ultimately found safety.

MEET PatricK.

When it comes to our faith journey, we all have a starting point. For most of us, that childhood framework is incomplete or doesn't quite withstand the rigors of adulthood. Listen how Patrick rediscovered his new starting point.