Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Job Title: Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Status: Paid, full-time, exempt

Supervisor: Operations Pastor

Accountable: To God, the Council of Elders, and the Members of Immanuel Church

Job Summary:

Serve as the front line for church operations and provides administrative support for Immanuel Church. Responsible for managing church finances and financial business processes, including processing weekly offerings and overseeing purchasing, expense reimbursement, purchase requests, check requests, payroll and HR. Oversees and develops the admin and counting teams. Supervises the receptionist. 

Education and Skills Requirements:

● Prior accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and HR experience preferred

● Demonstrates track record of leadership/executive and project management success

● Excellent organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple projects

● Experience with computers, database management, and other office equipment

● Experience with accounting software fundamentals

● Fundamental knowledge of of debits and credits

● Understanding of the principles of accounting

● Knowledge of basic HR processes

● Data entry and typing skills

● High School diploma or GED

● Possess a valid driver’s license; able to drive to the bank or post office as needed

Primary Responsibilities

Office Management

● Supervise the receptionist (responsible for the following):

● Maintains files, manages outgoing and incoming mail, receives packages

● Welcomes visitors and directs them to appropriate staff in a friendly and helpful manner

● Keeps the church office and reception area neat and welcoming

● Maintains office equipment in working order, alerting service personnel as needed

● Inventories supplies and orders as needed

● Receives and transfers phone calls in a friendly and helpful manner. Ensure that the phone is answered during business hours

● Assists with filing, entering data, copying and other office duties as requested


● Maintain budgets for admin area and be a wise financial steward of all funds

● Build and develop counting team to receive, count, enter and deposit weekly gifts and offerings received via weekend gatherings, mail, online, stock transfer, etc

● Receive, review, record and pay bills and other expenses as directed

● Process payroll and manage HR

● Ensure proper policies are in place and in compliance with local, state, and federal laws

● Produce regular financial reports for staff and elders

● Collect, manage, and input receipts and info from credit card bill into accounting software

● Participate in weekly staff meetings

● Perform other leadership functions as assigned

● Provide church management software (chms) support and run chms reports

● Send in help desk tickets when technology issues arise.

● Coordinate church mailings

Personal Requirements

● Follower of Jesus with strong character

● In alignment with Immanuel Church’s Statement of Faith, mission, vision and culture

● Demonstrates a calling to ministry

● Exhibits strong relational skills and a positive, friendly, welcoming attitude

● High work ethic (an executor who makes things happen consistently)

● Able to work independently and on a team; exhibits strong relational skills

● Creative problem solver; shows initiative

● Able to maintain confidentiality; possess financial trustworthiness and integrity

● Intentionally maintains healthy relationships with existing staff and leaders

● Able to lift up to 30 pounds

Personal Growth

● Attend weekly worship and maintain a consistent devotional prayer life

● Participate in growth opportunities both within and outside the congregation (e.g. conferences, seminars, workshops and Life Groups

● Take advantage of at least one yearly opportunity to improve the professional skills described above

● Maintain a healthy marriage and family by balancing work and family commitment

Work Hours

It is expected that the person in this role will work on average 40 hours per week