At Immanuel, we're committed to creating lasting environments where people in our communities can grow in their relationship with Jesus. Part of our strategy is to work from a gap budget, allowing us the margin to give more generously and spend more wisely as we further our mission. In the meantime, our church is continuing to grow and our space is feeling tighter and tighter. Even in the processing of transitioning to a gap budget, ministry is continuing to thrive and we feel called to take our next step. Sunday, November 19 is Commitment Sunday, and we're asking you to commit to making the environments below a reality. 


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Our kids environment currently looks like the inside of a refrigerator. We're being serious. If you've spent any amount of time around here, you know that we are all about our kids, which has forced us to think hard about how we reach the next generation. So, we've started asking questions. "How can we create space for kids to actively engage with the Bible?" "What if Sunday mornings in icKids became a trip to ancient times?" "What if we made the Bible come to life?" The images you see below are our vision for doing just that, making the Bible come to life. Every aspect of this space is designed to  be used each week within our experienced-based learning curriculum. We truly believe kids are part of the church today, and with your help, they will too. 


Our students often walk around wearing shirts that say, "You Belong Here." Yet, for many of our middle and high schoolers, the response is, "Where?" We want to change that. What you see below is our vision for transforming the basement into an environment designed specifically for youth. This is a place where students worship as a community, connect with wise leaders and build life-changing relationships. Together, we can help every student know exactly where they belong. 


Every year, Immanuel packs and send thousands of shoe boxes to children around the world through Operation Christmas Child. Currently OCC is housed in the basement, where our youth environments will be. "So," we've asked, "How can we continue to make a difference around the world through OCC?" Enter our two-story garage. Below are images that lay out our plan to transform the second story of our garage into OCC Central, complete with air conditioning and heating, allowing our teams to prepare year-round for our annual Packing Party in November. 


In the past two years, we've experienced a 10% growth in our attendance. Nowhere feels an increase like that more than our parking lot. We're hoping to add 59 new parking spaces to our current lot. That's room for 59 new families. There's space for 59 new friends and 59 people to get to know Jesus for the first time. When we work together, we're never more able to reach all our neighbors, all our region, all for Jesus. Lake County is on its way, so let's make sure they've got a place to park.