The Immanuel Church Leadership Development Program (icLDP) is designed to develop and grow young leaders who are interested in pursuing ministry or work inside a ministry as an occupation. The program is also designed to support Immanuel's ministry areas in needed roles while providing top-notch experience to student leaders. The icLDP role is a volunteer position. Each participant commits to serve for a semester during the normal school year (fall to spring, 12 weeks) or during the summer (6 weeks) for approximately 10-20 hours per week. 

In addition to their department responsibilities, participants are asked to attend one meeting per month as well as a weekend retreat.

We are currently looking for icLDP participants for 2016–2017. If you are interested in applying, please fill out the form below. The areas of interest listed below are the only opportunities available for icLDPs at this time.



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    Working with the Creative Arts & Media team provides hands-on experience with layouts and design for print, web, and interactive projects as you work from concept to completion on designs. You'll also gain experience in camera/video project management, editing, production, and you’ll organize, plan, and assist with a variety of tasks. Applicants need to have some working knowledge of Adobe CC programs. If you have an online portfolio, please include the link in your application. 

  • communications

    As a part of the Communications team at Immanuel, you'll be fully immersed in the creative process of sharing stories of life change. In addition to this, you'll have a hand in creating promotional schedules, building and managing social content, learning communications strategies across different channels, and reporting analytics. You'll be mentored as you pursue resumé-quality accomplishments!

  • administration

    Working with the Administration team means you'll get to participate in the organization’s day–to-day operations in the areas of general office administration, human resources, and strategic planning. In addition to this, you'll assist with archiving, storage management, and in-house event planning, improve administration procedures and more!

  • finance

    In finance, you'll gain exposure to various aspects of the Finance function.This intern will work closely with the individuals and leaders in each department. The internship may involve participation in multiple disciplines within the finance and accounting departments.

  • IT

    Working with IT means your role will include a wide variety of projects and ensures no two days will be the same! This department offers practical work experience, and an opportunity to gain experience with the technical operations of church life. From day one you'll be exposed to challenging opportunities, real technical projects, and interaction with staff, while being exposed to challenging projects that will develop your skills.


    Working with Pastoral Leadership will provide a wide variety of opportunities to practice aspects of shepherding and leadership while working directly with our lead pastor. This includes writing devotionals, doing sermon research, and helping prepare future sermon series in addition to attending meetings and collaborating with the leadership team. 


JENN - creative arts & media

"Being an intern at Immanuel has allowed me to answer a lot of questions regarding my vocation. The icLDP has given me confidence to share my ideas with a team of amazing people, ask questions when in doubt, and have fun doing what God has called me to do. I genuinely believe that I learned more over the course of my internship than I did all four years at college. My experience and the community at Immanuel led me to continue volunteering and working with Creative Arts & Media. It’s satisfying to see my work visually displayed in many areas throughout the church, and know that my work helping an entire congregation of people get connected and learn more about Jesus."

HOLDEN - pastoral leadership

"My internship taught me so much about the practical side of ministry. Sure, my degree in theology gave me a great foundation when it comes to preparing sermons, studying Scripture, and thinking Christianly about the world, but it didn't prepare me for other important parts of ministry. Through the icLDP, I learned practical things like vision-casting, leadership development, how to care for a team, and ultimately how to develop the qualities of a healthy ministry. Immanuel is such a fun place to be. My experience also taught me that church culture doesn't have to be boring - ever."