Grades 6-12

icYouth is all about students. Our goal is to provide an environment for your teenager to think, believe, and practice... together. The seven years of middle school and high school can be challenging as new ideas, academic stress, and relationships all become more prevalent; students are trying to figure out who they are and what life is all about. Each time we gather together we want them to feel accepted, loved, and supported as they navigate all of it, and we want to do that consistently. So we've put together a team of volunteers with huge hearts and listening ears, ready to help your student make their relationship with Jesus their own.

  • SUMMER identity ON CAMPUS | MIddle School


    Wednesday nights are a time for building lasting relationships. Students get to talk with a group of leaders that are committed to listening, answering questions, as well as spend time having fun with their friends. We will be meeting safely outdoors. Masks and social distancing is required.
    Questions? Email Marc.

  • SUmmer IMpact On Campus | High SChool
    Sundays, 2-4 PM

    We are so excited to meet with high school students on campus again! We are meeting safely outdoors for a time of worship, games and groups. Masks and social distancing is required. 

    Questions? Email Marc.