Helping people know Jesus and grow to be like Him is what we're all about, both here in Lake County and all over the world.


Because following Jesus doesn't stop at our front door, but reaches across the globe.

Find out below how you can get involved with our global partners, experience a short-term trip, sponsor a child or participate in other opportunities.   You can also contact Bryan Bicket for more information.


Short-term trips are a great way to serve others and broaden your perspective on what God is doing in the world.  Although the idea of a trip may seem overwhelming, we have found that they are wonderful opportunities for God to change hearts and lives in very unique ways.  Our hope is that the majority of people who call Immanuel home will consider going on a trip.

Interested in going on a trip with Immanuel? Email Bryan.

upcoming trips

We are excited to announce that we will be sending teams from Immanuel to visit our global partners in the Philippines in the late spring (adult trip), to Haiti in June (adult and student trip), and to Kenya in the fall of 2018 (adult trip).  See below for details.

  • Iligan City, Philippines (May 3-13, 2018)

    Immanuel will send a team to visit our global partner, Colin Carroll, and our friends in Iligan City, Philippines.  This team will have the opportunity to build relationships not only with local followers of Jesus, but also others in the community.

    Cost: $2000. Deadline to register is February 25. 

    Click here to email Michael with questions or to apply for this trip.

  • Maniche, Haiti - The 410 Bridge (June 15-21, 2018)

    A group of adults and high school upperclassmen will visit our friends in Maniche through Immanuel's global partner, The 410 Bridge. They will met with, learn from, and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ in Maniche. 

    Cost: $1900. Info meeting at Immanuel TBD. Deadline to register is Sunday, February 25. Click here to email Bryan with questions or to apply. 

  • Kijabe, Kenya - Little Lambs (Fall 2018)

    During this adult trip, participants will visit our global partners at Little Lambs (an education and feeding program), visit the Kijabe Practical Garage (KPG), help with projects as needed, and spend time with lots of children! Click HERE to view the video of the last IC trip. You can also visit the Little Lambs' website or Facebook Page.

    To sponsor a child click HERE. Fall 2018 trip dates TBD. Email Doug with questions.

past TRIPS

  • BROOKLYN, NEW YORK   (october 23-30, 2016)

    During this trip to Brooklyn, participants learned how to better understand the Jewish faith and how to share Jesus with their Jewish friends? They learned from the staff of Life in Messiah about Jewish culture and how to effectively engage Jewish people in conversation about Jesus.

  • LittlE LAMBS, KENYA   (September 15-30, 2016)

    Participants of this trip visited our Global Partner “Little Lambs.” During the trip they visited the two day care locations, met the students at the Kijabe Practical Garage (KPG), helped with projects at a new location, hosted a field day for the local children, and much more. Click HERE to view the video of the Immanuel Trip. You can also visit the Little Lambs' website or Facebook Page. To sponsor a child click HERE.

  • MANICHE, HAITI   (JULY 14-20, 2017)

    A group of adults and high school upperclassmen visited Maniche with Immanuel's new global partner, The 410 Bridge. They met with and encouraged brothers and sisters in Christ. This trip is the beginning of a relationship with the people and the Leadership Council of this small town.


    A group of high schoolers served with and learned from people facing poverty, homelessness, and immigration and refugee issues.

global partners


We have several organizations that we partner with through financial, personnel, and prayer support. The impact we have is exponentially higher thanks to our relationships with these global partners. Just click on one of the images below to get more information and investigate how you might participate in any number of initiatives here at Immanuel.

  • Anurag Society is a non-profit organization that is changing the lives of women and children in an impoverished part of New Delhi, India. Anurag ((pronounced ah-noo-rahg) started in 1990 with 25 children. Now, through education and other services, Anurag is bringing hope and a future to more than 1000 women and children. To Sponsor a child click HERE.

  • Since 1887, Life in Messiah has helped Christians understand the Jewish roots of our faith and God’s ongoing commitment to His people. In all we do, our priority is to share the gospel message. Today Life in Messiah has ministry to Jewish people in Israel, France, The Netherlands, Canada, Argentina, Mexico and the United States.

  • Shepherd’s Little Lambs is a day care and feeding program to help a few of the nearly 2 millions Kenyan children orphaned by AIDS as well as some of the poorest of the poor children in the area. National leaders work with our global partner to provide a place for these children to receive consistent, loving Christian care. Visit Shepherd’s Little Lambs' website, Facebook Page, or view this video from an Immanuel trip to Little Lambs! To Learn about the 2017 “Breaking the Cycle” ride click HERE.To sponsor a child click HERE.

  • Through our with The 410 Bridge, we are able to connect with and serve alongside the local church in Maniche, Haiti. The goal is to empower Christ-centered, holistic, long-term development in Maniche by addressing the five key needs of water, education, economics, health and discipleship. To learn more about child sponsorship click HERE. To sponsor a child from Maniche click HEREEmail Bryan if you are interested in future trips.

  • Each year we partner with Samaritan's Purse to provide Christmas shoe boxes full of necessities, toys, love and the Good News of Jesus to thousands of kids each year. 

    The 2018 Community Packing Party is TBD.  

    Click HERE to go to the full Immanuel OCC site. Join our Facebook Page HERE.  

    For more information on how to get involved contact Susan Schmidt or Kerri Ward.


We also partner with several individuals that have committed themselves to serve globally. A portion of Immanuel's giving is sent to these families each year to support their efforts in church planting, leadership, evangelism and discipleship. You'll find all sorts of information below on our friends serving around the globe. And while you're reading, perhaps you'd commit to praying for them.

  • Jeff & Nancy Bicket

    Papua New Guinea

    After careers as a business owner and pharmacist (Jeff) and an elemtnary school teacher (Nancy), the Bickets sensed God leading them to use the next few years of their lives to provide support to and teach at the Ethnos360 base in Papua New Guinea.

    Read their most recent blog post HERE!

    Contact Jeff and Nancy at

  • Mike & kelli bicket

    Papua New Guinea

    Mike and Kelli work with Ethnos360 in taking the Gospel message to the people of Papua New Guinea. Mike is an aircraft mechanic.

    Click HERE to watch Mike & Kelli’s ministry overview video!

    Read their most recent blog post HERE!

    Contact Mike & Kelli at

  • Colin Carroll

    Iligan City, Philippines

    After participating in a short-term trip to the Philippines, Colin sensed God calling him to a greater commitment to the Mindanao people. Colin now works with a medical and dental clinic, serves as a leader at a farm and herbal plant, and runs a recovery and vocational training group - all in the name of Christ.

    To sign up for Colin’s email list contact him at

  • Paul & Ana Hill

    Santiago del Estero, Argentina

    Paul (a missionary kid who grew up in Argentina) and Ana (an Argentinian national) are church planters with Converge Worldwide. Read their most recent newsletter!  You can also email them at

  • Rod & Lori Kraybill

    Rift valley AcADEMY, KENYA

    Both born to missionary parents, the Kraybills have been serving with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) for over 15 years. Rod is the Training and Leadership Development Coordinator for the AIM International office. Both Rod & Lori also serve as dorm parents at Rift Valley Academy (RVA). Read their most recent newsletter!


  • Tom & Michele

    southeast Asia

    Tom and Michele are church planters. Read their most recent newsletter!

  • In 1978, Murray went on a short-term trip to Japan. Ten years later, he and Kathy began their work as church planters. They are now serving at Agape Bible Church in Kobe.


We recognize that God is doing so many amazing things in people’s hearts and lives that we want to help our people serve globally when they sense God’s leading. Because of this desire, we have created the following opportunities to help get our people do so.

  • serve Global 2.0

    If you sense God is leading you to serve others globally, our Serve Global Team would love to hear about it so that we can find ways to support you, either through prayer or financially. To apply, please fill out this form or you can contact Bryan Bicket with questions.