Immanuel Church... since 1895

Immanuel Church has a rich history that dates back to 1895 when a group of Swedish immigrants came together to form a community to reach others in the name of Jesus.  Those individuals would go on to start a church that would create a lasting legacy for over 125 years.  Throughout multiple moves and ministry changes Immanuel has been committed to loving God, loving people and making disciples of Jesus Christ.  Below is a brief overview of Immanuel's history.




On November 10, 1895 a group of nineteen immigrants founded the Swedish Baptist Church of Waukegan.  After a few years of meeting in homes they were able to occupy the first building located on the corner of May Street and Genesee Street in 1899.  This 50ft by 120ft lot was originally purchased for $750. This building provided a space to gather and worship together.  By 1913 the building adopted electric lights and in 1925 the church officially changed its language from Swedish to English to better reach their community.  On April 28, 1926 the church changed it's name to Immanuel Baptist Church of Waukegan.

1016 Grand Ave

In the late 1940s the church had outgrown its original building.  They purchased a lot located at 1016 Grand Ave and broke ground in 1949.  They held the first service in their new location in 1950. By 1959 the church needed even more space and broke ground to build a new, larger auditorium and a Christian education addition.  This facility was home to Immanuel until 1994 and served as a gathering place for many great ministries and events.

2300 N Dilleys RD


In 1994, Immanuel made a decision to move west.  This was a strategic effort to better reach the people of central Lake County.  They sold the building at 1016 Grand Ave to a sister church and met at Warren Township High School in Gurnee from 1994-1999.  During that time they secured a new plot of land located at 2300 N Dilleys Rd in Gurnee.  The church leadership broke ground on May 17, 1998 and held their first service in April of 1999.  In May of 2005 the church changed its name from Immanuel Baptist Church to just Immanuel Church in an effort to be more welcoming to newcomers. Since then, this location has been home to many outreach events and Sunday morning services all designed to reach people with the Gospel for Jesus.