The simplest definition of baptism is this: an outward expression of an inward change. In other words, baptism isn't about getting saved. That's already happened (inward change). Baptism is an opportunity to stand in front of your family, friends, and church community expressing the change that's taken place in your life since you placed your trust in Jesus.

Baptism is your next step after you’ve said “Yes” to Jesus. It’s a public statement sharing your decision to trust Jesus for salvation and your intention to follow His direction for your life.

Scheduled baptisms occur regularly, during both Sunday morning services, often on the third Sunday of the month. For a scheduled baptism, we need at least four individuals, two in each service, to meet with a staff member or elder at least two weeks, and preferably three weeks, in advance. There are two options for sharing the story of your spiritual journey: publicly at the time of your baptism or privately during this meeting.

Open baptisms are held regularly as well. These allow for high school students and adults to make an immediate decision to participate during the service. A brief chat with an elder or staff member will precede the baptism. No public testimony is required. If you desire to share your story publicly, that will take place during a scheduled baptism.


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Baptism is also a step in the membership process.

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