Marriage Resources

At Immanuel we believe your marriage is a sacred commitment between you, your spouse and God and He wants your relationship to thrive.  Your marriage can be so much more than you can ever imagine.  Below are several resources to help you and your spouse get started down the path to a thriving marriage.


    Facilitators: Bob & Barb Leafblad and Rick & Danielia Mateja

    Location: Immanuel Church

    Cost: $35 per couple

    Why not make your relationship everything it’s meant to be? It’s easier than you think. And did we mention it’s fun? We’ll give you a personalized Action Plan – customized for the two of you. Whether you’re on the front end of love or you’ve been together for decades, we’ll help you move from bad to better and from good to great. Enjoy five weeks of exploring a deeper relationship with your spouse in an intimate and non-judgmental group setting.

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  • Pastoral care

    When a marriage is hitting a bump in the road or a dead end altogether, a great place to begin to figure out next steps is under a pastor's care and advice. We would love nothing more than to come alongside you and your spouse and assist in getting you back on the right track. You are not alone in this; we are here for you.

    All information is kept extremely confidential.
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    Even the best relationships need help from time to time. Counseling could be the single best step you take for your marriage, no matter where you are on your journey.

    White Stone Services is a Christian counseling ministry serving local churches in the northern and western Chicago regions, touching the lives of hurting individuals, spouses and families since 1997.  

    Contact White Stone Services HERE.

  • Marriage Based BIBLE reading & teaching plans

    With the busyness of life having an arsenal of scripture-based plans at your fingertips is crucial to regularly remind and challenge you and your spouse how to love intentionally. These reading plans and videos are a great place to begin no matter how long you’ve been married. Go ahead . . . dive in!

    The possibilities are endless with so many marriage studies to choose from on RightNow Media. Browse content HERE.
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    The YouVersion Bible App has a wide variety of marriage reading plans to choose from and the best part is that it’s free to download from your app store! View all of the plans HERE.

  • MONEY & Finance

    Marriage can be hard enough, but when you add the strain of paying bills and setting budgets it can become completely overwhelming. Dave Ramsey gives some insight into ways to balance and control the financial stress in marriage. He is a personal money management expert, an extremely popular national radio personality and best-selling author of The Total Money Makeover.  
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    Click HERE to begin this 3-part course.  To sign up for a free RIGHTNOW MEDIA account, click HERE.


    Talking about sex can make one blush but in the context of marriage there is no need to be embarrassed. God created it to be great! If you want to experience deep and meaningful intimacy with your spouse or simply just want to spice things up, these books will take your relationship to a whole new level, helping you to enjoy marriage as God intended it to be.


    Raising children together can be incredibly rewarding and incredibly frustrating all at once. Getting on the same page can make all the difference in the world. Below are a few helpful books to guide your kids into God-loving individuals.


    Sometimes you and your spouse just need to get away and reconnect. A Weekend To Remember provides just that. An engaging 3 days of listening, learning and fun helps get both of you back to the blueprint of what God wants for your relationship.

    Learn more and find a weekend that works for you HERE.


    There is no end to the amazing Christian reading material out there to help grow your marriage. Check out just a few of the books we believe are on the top of the list of must reads. Simply click the title to purchase or learn more.

  • MARRIED PEOPLE - Online Course

    This course works with marriage experts and everyday couples across the country to make marriage real, fun and simple. Their mission is to help you connect with your spouse through laughter, affirmation, information and application.

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