Immanuel Church is a community of people that loves Jesus and loves people like crazy. 

The whole reason we exist is to LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS AND MAKE DISCIPLES. 

That's it. Period. No more, no less.

We believe with all our hearts that:

  • The Bible is actually God’s inspired word for our direction and source of truth
  • God is Father, Son and Spirit...one God, three persons
  • People have rebelled against what God intended and need to be restored to Him
  • The only way to be restored to God is through Jesus Christ who lived, was crucified and resurrected to do just that
  • God’s Spirit lives inside of believers and empowers them to live a new life
  • Jesus will come back some day and restore everything to God’s original purpose
  • We have the privilege of working with God now to begin the restoration process

We get it, you may not necessarily agree with all of our beliefs. That's not a problem! We want you to know that you're welcome to journey with us as we work to know God better too.

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Immanuel Church’s rich history reaches all the way back to the late 19th century, when a small group of immigrants from Sweden began meeting in homes for fellowship and prayer. In 1895, they decided to organize a church, and the Swedish Baptist Church of Waukegan was born on November 10 of that year. 

Reaching their community was so important to the infant congregation that, not many years later, the decision was made to conduct services in English, rather than their native language. They were willing to sacrifice their preferences in order to more readily share the Good News of Christ with their neighbors.

The first church building, built in 1898, was replaced by a larger one in 1950, as momentum increased and a bigger facility was needed. Two additions to the original sanctuary served Immanuel well, until, at the end of the 20th century, the vision was cast for further sacrifice to bring the Gospel to an even wider audience. 

The move westward was driven by the Immanuel family’s determination to better reach out to the people in their neighborhoods and workplaces. After three years of meeting in rented spaces, in the spring of 1999, Immanuel occupied its present building on Dilleys Road in Gurnee. 

And so, spanning portions of three centuries, Immanuel Church continues to seek God’s direction in devising innovative ways to share the Gospel. Its people have always been characterized by a generous spirit and a willingness to embrace new ideas so that lost people can be introduced to the Savior.