What in the world does becoming a member mean? 

Well, it's more about responsibility than it is rights. Members commit to our four core practices as a church. So members invite other people regularly to investigate who Jesus is and what this church thing is all about. They also serve in some way. Serving (or volunteering) is one of the simplest ways to live a little more like Jesus, as we simply offer Him who we are with our talents and time. Members also connect with others in a group, because we grow best in a circle, not a row. Finally, members commit to regularly supporting the mission of Immanuel when they give. It isn't about how much, it's just about how we give...hopefully with a cheerful and grateful heart. We don't monitor any of these, but ask members to make the commitment for themselves.


1. Participate in an online class called icBasics

Three 30-minute video segments will

  • examine the essentials for following Jesus
  • give insights into the structure and beliefs of Immanuel Church

  • help you discover your purpose and live the life God created you to live

2. Complete and submit an application by clicking HERE. This application includes:

  • Sharing a description of your journey to faith in Jesus, the date of your baptism (#4 below), and a statement of how God is working in your life. 
  • Reading and signing the Immanuel Core Beliefs, Statement of Faith and Membership Covenant and submit it with your application.

3. Meet with one or two elders. These meetings are usually scheduled for the fourth Sunday every month, between the services. This is your opportunity to ask questions.

4. Baptism by immersion since conversion is a requirement for membership. Your baptism does not have to be at Immanuel, as long as it took place after you said, “Yes” to Jesus.

Members must be at least 15 years old.

Email Diane or visit the Next Step Center to start your membership journey.