Why was Josh’s resignation so sudden?

Josh did plan to give us time to process his resignation. However, after we prayed, we decided that to expect him to continue on would have been extremely difficult for him and his family. We are the ones who made that decision. 

Couldn’t he have taken a leave of absence or sabbatical?

As Josh explained, he has a clear sense of God’s releasing him from his ministry here.

In Josh’s resignation video he mentioned the most important thing in his life is his wife.  Is Josh’s relationship with Jesus hurting?

We believe that Josh’s relationship with Jesus is implicit in his words; for example, when he mentioned how he has grown as a  follower of Jesus during his ministry. There is no indication that anything has disrupted that relationship.

I would love to be able to let Josh know how much he will be missed and that I am praying for him and his family.  What is the best way to do this?

Your prayers are critical at this time! You may send your words of encouragement in care of Immanuel Church (2300 Dilleys Road, Gurnee 60031).     

How does this affect Immanuel’s mission and purpose?

Our mission and vision remain the same! 

What about finances?

We plan to provide regular updates, beginning in just a few weeks. These will include information about our regular giving as well as gifts for All In. We will keep you informed as soon as we have information to share. 

What will things look like in the immediate future? What is the long term plan for a pastoral role at Immanuel?

Our ministries will continue as usual, and the Sunday services will provide excellent worship and teaching. We are meeting regularly to pray and explore the appropriate next steps for our church. The specifics of the transition are still being worked out, but we have already begun to explore the resources that are available to us. As stated in the email you received, it’s important for us to take time to pray and discern God’s will for us.