Grades 1-6

Upward Basketball is a family-focused program that helps kids develop basketball skills as well as leadership and life principles. Each player gets equal playing time and the ability to strive in a positive gym atmosphere!

Registration is OPEN for the 2022-23 Season of Upward Basketball through icSports at Immanuel Church in Gurnee, IL. Registration will run through October 22 and the cost per player is $165, but you can save $20 per player by taking advantage of the early registration discount and registering by September 12.

Division-specific information is below. Divisions are NOT Co-Ed; we have separate divisions for Boys and Girls.

1st-2nd Grade Boys and Girls Divisions

The 1st-2nd Grade Boys and Girls Divisions will use the single-day per week format where everything, including practice and team-versus-team gameplay, is completed in a 90-minute Saturday morning timeslot. Team practice times will vary within the Saturday morning window based on opponent/game schedule.


  • Reduced Travel/Commuting/Carpool Complexities
  • No Weeknight Conflict Between Upward Practice and School Events, Homework, and Bedtime
  • Less Missed Practices Resulting In More Teaching Continuity
  • Immediate Opportunity to Apply Practice Learning to Game Play

3rd-4th Grade and 5th-6th Grade Boys and Girls Divisions

Practices for the 3rd-4th and 5th-6th Divisions will be on Thursday or Friday evenings only and will be one-hour in length. Games for these divisions will be on Saturday afternoons. Games begin every hour on the hour.

The 5th-6th Grade Boys and Girls Divisions will have season-ending tournaments on the final game day.

All Divisions

We observed how much players enjoyed being able to play on the same team with a friend/buddy. We are going to continue to allow players to make friend requests and will do our best to honor them; we cannot guarantee granting them, if they do not allow us to maintain fair balance between teams. Please note: friend requests are limited to pairs and both players must request each otherFriend requests should be submitted using the Carpool Link.

We look forward to you partnering with us this season.

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League Schedule (Practice times/windows will be determined based on number of teams):

  • Nov 10-12, 2022 - Practice Only
  • Nov 17-19, 2022 - Practice and Game 1
  • Nov 24-26, 2022 - No Practices/Games: Thanksgiving
  • Dec 1-3, 2022 - Practice and Game 2
  • Dec 8-10, 2022 - Practice and Game 3
  • Dec 15-17, 2022 - Practice and Game 4
  • Dec 22-24, 2022- No Practices/Games: Christmas
  • Dec 29-Dec 31, 2022 - No Practices/Games: New Year’s Eve
  • Jan 5-7, 2023 - Practice and Game 5
  • Jan 12-14, 2023 - Practice and Game 6
  • Jan 19-21, 2023 - Practice and Game 7
  • Jan 26-28, 2023 - Practice and Game 8 / 5-6 Tournament
  • February 4, 2023 - Awards Program (All Teams/Divisions)

Questions? Contact Laurie Cessna.