We all have different seasons in our lives—relationally, financially, and spiritually. At Immanuel, we offer specialized groups to help you experience a better life, no matter what season you are in. 


MONDAYS | 6:30-8:30 PM | FEBRUARY 15

It hurts to lose someone.

GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.

How GriefShare works:
GriefShare seminars and support groups are led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help. You’ll gain access to valuable GriefShare resources to help you recover from your loss and look forward to rebuilding your life.

This group is held on-campus and masks are required. Register HERE.

If you already have a GriefShare workbook register HERE.

MONDAYS  |  6:30-8:00 PM  | BEGINS FEBRUARY 15

Facilitators: Jeff House & Dave Deprez

Location: Immanuel Church

“The challenge every man faces…the fight every man can win.”

From movies and television, to print media and the Internet, men are constantly faced with the assault of sensual images. It is impossible to avoid such temptations…but, thankfully, not impossible to confront them and gain victory over them. Come join a group of men serious about the fight against lust in a 12-week study, using the book Every Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn.

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Register HERE.


MOPs and momsnext

Groups for moms are focused primarily on bringing moms together for this journey of motherhood. They’re an easy place to meet other moms with similar interests and build friendships. These groups are easy to join and are always open. 

For more information on groups for moms click HERE.



Recovery Groups are focused on individuals healing holistically. Whether it’s recovering from chemical dependency, walking through mental health challenges or overcoming the hurts, habits, and hangups in our lives, recovery groups help people pursue holistic healing by embracing Jesus as their higher power. Weekly meetings, with both large and small group components, are essential elements to these groups. Recovery groups are always open.

To learn more about our Recovery Groups, click HERE.