Community GROUPS


If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, you need to have intentional relationships with people who have the same goal—and a Community Group is the ideal place for that. In a Community Group, eight to twelve adults who are typically in the same stage of life and geographic area meet regularly for a year or more to pursue authentic community and spiritual growth. In a Community Group you’ll be encouraged to live out the truths you discover in the Bible as you help others to do the same. 


  • A guy’s guide for dudes who don’t know Jack about THE BOOK OF MARK and wanna do other cool stuff too.
    Tuesdays | 7-8:30 PM  | Ongoing

    Facilitator: Ben Ondo

    Location: Immanuel Church

    Jesus said and did a lot of amazing stuff. We think it’s important for guys to get together and talk about it! This casual group of guys, will continue to explore Jesus’ life by simply reading daily texts from the Book of Mark and by getting together on Tuesday nights to talk about what Jesus said and did and how it applies to our lives. If you don’t know jack about the book of Mark that’s fine and if you do we won’t hold that against you! Register HERE.

    TUESDAYS  |  7-8:30 PM  | Ongoing

    Facilitators: Marcus Wolfe
    Location: Immanuel Church
    This group will meet weekly to study 1 & 2 Peter, helping men navigate well the difficulties and hardships life can bring. They will also look at how to better discern the truth and false information that exists in our world, even in the church.
    Register HERE.

    THURSDAYS  |  7-8:30 PM  | Ongoing

    Facilitator: Tim Roegner

    Location: Immanuel Church

    Following the all-church challenge of reading the New Testament in a year, this group will focus on applying its truth in their daily lives. Each week there will be a discussion of personal interpretation and application of passages read.

    Register HERE.


Women’s Community Groups will meet together in person or online via Zoom to build community and grow spiritually. No child care will be offered. Face-to-face groups will be socially distanced with masks required while in the building.


    TUESDAYS |  6:30-8:00 PM  | BEGINS July 6

    Facilitator: Kellie Indlecoffer

    Location: Immanuel Church

    Using the study Elijah: Faith and Fire by Priscilla Shirer,  this group will discover how Elijah’s obedience to God kept him anchored, sharpened his faith, broadened his impact, and invited heaven’s fire to fall.  God is also working in lives today to fashion a fiery, bold faith that will empower people to share the hope of Christ with family, friends, co-workers, and community.

    Register HERE.



    TUESDAYS | 6:30-8:30 PM | BEGINS JUNE 15

    Facilitator: A.D. RIDDLE
    Location: Immanuel Church

    Life Stage: Middle School to Adults

    The purpose of the group is to gain a deeper understanding of one specific, but very important, element of Old Testament theology and practice. We will construct a model of the tabernacle tent, its furniture, and its courtyard. This study group would be appropriate for adults of all ages and teenagers. Our will be a time of collaborative learning activity that involves different strengths (artistic design, construction, mathematical calculation, etc.) and appeals to a variety of learning styles (spatial, auditory, kinesthetic, social, etc.). Register HERE.

    Wednesdays  |  9 AM  | Summer until September

    Facilitator: Don Tremper

    Life Stage: Open to all

    Location: Bob & Ann's Restaurant, Waukegan, IL

    This mid-sized group is always open and meets at Bob & Ann's Restaurant for breakfast and fellowship. No registration necessary.

    THURSDAYS   |  8-9 PM  | ONGOING

    Facilitator: Karen Schwab

    Life Stage: ages 18-29

    Location: Immanuel Church

    Adulting is hard. But sometimes we make it harder than it has to be. Combining entertaining stories from his own experience, insights from the Bible and compelling evidence from research, Jonathan "JP" Pokluda lays out a roadmap for how to navigate your life as an adult in his book,

    Welcome to Adulting: Navigating Faith, Friendship, Finances, and the Future

    .Register HERE.