Community GROUPS


If you want to become the person and do the things God wants you to do, you need to have intentional relationships with people who have the same goal and who want the same for you—and a Community Group is a great place for that to happen. In a Community Group, eight to twelve adults meet regularly to help each other love God, love people, and make disciples. You'll do this as you discover and apply God's truth from the Bible to your lives together. In a Community Group, you're both known and grown in the context of community. So which Community Group is right for you?


  • Breakfast CLUB
    Wednesdays  |  8-9:15 am  |  Begins January 3

    Facilitator: Don Tremper

    Location: Bob & Anne's Restaurant, Waukegan, IL

    Life Stage: Multi-generational

    Child Care: Not available

    Don has retired from high school teaching, but not from teaching the Bible at Immanuel.  The "Breakfast Club" is a mid-sized group that meets for breakfast, fellowship and Bible-based teaching. The discussion topic: is "Humble Heroes and Heroines.” You can just show up, but if you would like to register, click HERE.

  • The bible recap community group

    tuesdays  |  7-8:30 pm  |  begins january 9

    Facilitators: Kathy Gouzoules & Kate Demien

    Location: On campus

    Child care: TBD

    The group will utilize the Weekly Discussion Guide for the Bible Recap By Tara-Leigh Cobble. This group is open to anyone joining at any time.

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  • Mafuiana community group

    mondays  |  6-7:30 pm   |  January 29

    Facilitators: Claudio & Alyssa Mafuiana

    Location: Mafuiana's home (Antioch)

    Life Stage: Married couples 30s-40s

    Child care: TBD

    Claudio and Alyssa Mafuiana are parents of middle school aged kids and have a desire to help others connect and grow together. Their group will be using the weekly Discussion Guides to grow and challenge each other to better understand the Bible and how it relates to their lives. They will meet in a home in Antioch. 

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  • VanBogelen/brooks

    Wednesday Evening group

    Wednesdays 5:30-7 PM | JANUARY 3

    Facilitators:  Jim Brooks & Terry VanBogelen

    Location:  Brooks' Home

    Life Stage:  Adult men, multigenerational

    Child Care:  Not Available

    Jim and Terry have been around the block a few times --Jim more than Terry! They seek to please the Lord and grow in Him. They want to walk well and encourage other men to do the same. The group members discuss the Sunday messages using the Discussion Guides and applying them to daily life.

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    Thursday EVENING GROUP  

    Thursdays  |  6-7:30 PM  |  begins january 4

    Facilitators: Greg Friedrich and Carl 'Spark' Ball

    Location: On campus

    Life stage: Adult men, multi-generational

    Child care: Not available

    Greg and Spark welcome all men to join the group. They will support one another through prayer, studying scripture and encouraging each other to follow Jesus.

    This group is currently closed



    WEDNESDAYS  | 6-7:30 AM  |  january 10

    Facilitators: Jason Lind & George Bridges

    Location: On campus

    Life Stage: Adult men, multi-generational

    Child Care: Not available

    Jason and George are busy dads of teenagers and young adult children. They understand the many pressures of life and desire to give guys a place to grow in their faith journeys, using video series from RightNow Media. 

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  • young adult men's group

    tUESDAYS  |  7-8:30 PM  |  JANUARY 23

    Facilitator: Ryan Kummerow & Tom Christensen

    Location: On campus

    Life stage: Young Adult men

    Child care: Not available

    We know how important it is for young men to connect with each other and to support one another as they seek to grow to be like Jesus. This group is always open to new participants. 

    Click HERE if interested

  • lewis

    wednesday evening group


    Facilitator: Mike Lewis

    Location: On campus

    Life stage: Adult men, multi-generational

    Child care: Not available

    The group is currently following along with the Immanuel family, studying with Tara Leigh Cobble and The Bible Recap. They read and discuss the Scripture passage of the day.

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  • men's group

    For Men’s Groups focused on living a life of Integrity, click HERE to visit the “Care Groups” page.


  • morning group: loving like jesus in a world that hurts and hates

    wednesdays  |  9-11 am   |  january 10

    Facilitator: Paula Fonger

    Location: On campus

    Life Stage: Women, multi-generational

    Child Care: Available

    Loving like Jesus loves is a tall order even when people love us in return! The Apostle Paul lays out real-life solutions in 1 Corinthians 13 painting a vivid picture of what love is and isn't, what love does and doesn't. Invest 8 weeks in discovering God's Truth for yourself through this almost too-practical inductive Bible study of 1 Corinthians 13. (And if you've ever wanted to learn to memorize, we'll do a little of that, too!)

    Group is FULL

  • THE bible recap BY TARA-LEIGH COBBLE

    THURSDAYS | 6-8 PM | beginning january 11

    Facilitator: Pilar Landa

    Location: ZOOM conversation

    Life stage: Women, multi-generational

    Pilar is a financial consultant, with two adult sons and two “princess” granddaughters. She fell in love with Jesus through His Word and loves helping others to study it. This group will utilize Tara-Leigh Cobble's weekly discussion guide. 

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  • morning group: living on purpose

    WEDNESDAYS | 9-11 AM | february 7

    Facilitator: Katie Lind

    Location: On campus

    Life Stage: Women, multi-generational

    Child Care: Available

    Katie is married to Jason and mom to three kids, ages 14-20. She loves to walk alongside women as they grow in the Word together! Living on purpose! First we will start out 2024 by examining our busy lives through the book, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, by Mark Comer.  Then, we will study the Book of Jeremiah with the assistance of author Melissa Hoekstra, where we find God calling out to His people with a message of hope—a message that intentional living is possible even in an unstable world.

    The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer

    Link to buy:

    Jeremiah - Women's Bible Study Participant Book : Daring to Hope in an Unstable World, by Melissa Hoekstra

    Link to buy the study book:

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    TUESDAYS | 7-8:30 PM | february 6

    Facilitator: Sarah Indlecoffer

    Location: On campus

    Life Stage: Young Adult Women, ages 20-30

    Child Care: Not available

    Sarah has grown up at Immanuel and is passionate about deepening her relationship with Christ. She has a desire to build a strong biblical foundation and to help other young women do so as well. Her group will be diving into the study Finding I Am by Lysa TerKeurst.

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  • Connect with other moms

    If you’re looking to connect with other moms at various stages of the parenting journey, click HERE to visit our “Groups for Moms”.